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Coffee on Table

About Us

An Origin Tale

Every origin story begins with fond memories. 

A long time ago, in the magical 1980's, Mary baked rum cakes for her co-workers, friends and family.  

Everyone loved her rum cakes - they were the talk of the town. 

As Amy grew up, she learned to bake her mom’s rum cakes. 

(Mary really needed help...she was baking

100's of cakes every year!)


Eventually, they decided to open Rummies & Yummies, a custom rum cake factory. 

They concocted a made from scratch rum cake recipe, experimented with flavors

and developed new delicious desserts.  They participated in several area events,

provided desserts toa local dinner theatre and had a blast working together. 


Then they decided to open a retail location, adding in coffee, smoothies and more!

After a lot of rum cake, coffee and discussions, they came up with the next evolution…

The Lab: Bakery & Coffee Bar.


Why “The Lab”? 

Because we love to create new masterpieces. 

We love talking to customers and getting suggestions for new products.

We love the idea of developing new flavors of cakes, coffees, smoothies…

and we want our customers to have fun creating and tasting!


So, WELCOME to The Lab: Bakery & Coffee Bar.

Multicolor Coffees


Providing YOU with delectable treats.

As we brainstormed ideas for a new concept,

we quickly decided that providing Coffee

would be excellent additions to our baked goods. 

We met with several prospective partners, sampled and tasted,

before landing on Martin Coffee Company.

The Lab proudly features Martin Coffee Company.

​Family owned and operated since 1957, Martin Coffee Company has become one of the

oldest independent specialty coffee roasters in the Southeast. 

Martin Coffee Company President Ben Johnson has been a fantastic & extremely knowledgeable resource. 

While walking through his operations and warehouse, he provided a wealth of coffee history,

how they source their beans and tips on how to make the best cup of coffee. 

His passion for his business totally won us over. 

We invite you to stop by and taste one of Martin Coffee Company’s perfect blends.

To learn more about Martin Coffee Company, click here.

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